Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lateness and so forth

Here I am back again. This is the most regular I've blogged in a while, which makes numero two for the new blog in only a month or two. I'm not posting because I have so much to say or want to say what I may have to say but I don't want to go to bed. I sometimes like not going to bed when I have absolutely nothing to do. It's especially nice when I need to get up in the morning. Unfortunately I don't need to get up in the morning. At least early anyway.

So I showered two or three times today. That has to be some sort of record for me. I now have my quota for a week or so.

This morning I took a walk around the neighborhood and discovered two baseball fields within a very strong person's stones throw from my place. They are nestled down the hill behind a church. I also walked around the frisbee golf course a couple of times which is across from my house. Holladay is really a pretty area and I love that everything is turning green now. On the previous note of new discoveries, I find it strange how long a person can live in or frequent a place but only stick to the regular path never knowing or discovering a lot of the things, places, businesses, etc that are there. At least this person, me. I find it interesting that I could be across the world in another country and see several tenants/neighbors from my apartment complex or residents from the neighborhood where I live and spend the majority of my time and I'd never know it.

I think I'll write a poem.

Shadows fall and brake on my floor
leaving the would-be shade in pieces
I attempt to reconstruct the mass to whole
attempting to remove gaps and creases
my efforts end up bearing no fruit
I inadvertently let a small toot
hurriedly huddling below in the bits of dark
realizing the sound was more like a bark
now I've left my mark
I head to the park

Small sulking Sammy sits sadly sighing softly
Father Frank frets frowning, face floppy, frothy
Sally, Sammy's sister smiles so silly
All the while I enjoy a large cony dog from Picadilly

My tired eyes might just be a reflection of my tired thoughts
I try, I've tried before, I'll try to try again, I think that's what I ought
My tears like prohibitionists downed beers or a mimes cheers are not more often than not
But sometimes sad sober ruminations are all I've got, though maybe not easy to spot
Wishing I had something hard to spot which is shot, now a cracked pot an empty lot
Knowing nothing, wears thin, but still sometimes I grin, I know what I know within
Catching glimpses of something sometimes for three seconds and I guess I have religion

The bed, please just go to it
Head, eyes bones need rest go to it
There's such fluffy comfort to it
You finally hit it, ahhhh- you knew it

You'll give up three years hence
could have been said six years prior
you just knew you'd learn to fence
though now you just swing in the tire
you'll learn manual making of a fire
however, you always have your lighter
you were going to pilot a jet
you ride shotgun in a glider