Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home for the weekend with the folks and the kittens

The Heiner homestead weather's in the storm.
Obnoxious doesn't know how to whisper secrets.
Leaping before the great snow explosion.
Me and Ma at the homefront.
Ma, Pa, an me at Heiner's hideout.
Pa and I in front of the ol' heat barrel.
Me and Obnoxious outside in the new snow.
My mighty snowball and I showing reverence for one another.

Friday, October 3, 2008

informative dialogue

Someone: What have you been doing lately?

Me: I've been climbing a whole lot lately and doing a bit of hiking. It's really been a lot of fun.

Someone: Oh.

Me: Do you want to see some pictures I've gathered?

Someone: I guess.

Me: Okay. I'll post them either above or below this conversation.

Someone: Uh.

Me: I did my first multi-pitch climb two days ago with my friend Joe in Big Cottonwood canyon.

Someone: Oh, cool.

Me: Do you know what a multi-pitch climb is?

Someone: No.

Me: It's a really high climb where your rope isn't long enough to get you to the top in one length so you have to have one person climb up a ways and then belay the person at the bottom up to them and you continue like that until you get to the top.

Someone: Neat-o.


A blog post is a lot like a fence post. Installing (if you will) each one requires that you do a bunch of crap that you don't really want to do. Fence post- dig a hole, make sure the hole is wide enough and deep enough, make sure there are no rocks in the hole, feed the hole, put the hole through college etc. etc. Once you have the hole all set up for a successful future you have to deal with the post itself. Combine the hole and the post, make sure they get along little dogie, make sure they complement one another. You have to see to it that the post is standing straight in the hole. You then get to start with the dirt and rocks and whatnot with the then refilling of the hole and accompanying post. Then you've got a blog post- dig up all of this crap to say, try to make it entertaining, maybe you should add a picture. Make sure the picture and the thoughts go together. Actually type out the thoughts into words. Use spell check a bunch because you never seem to remember how to spell the same words you always misspell. Actually upload a picture. Wait way way way way way way way way to long for that damn picture to upload and heaven forbid if you try to upload a video. Realize that you're probably still misspelling words because spell check doesn't seem to be on anymore. Discover a spell check at the top of the page and run it on the whole thing. And there you more or less have it. I could make this much longer and ridiculous but herein lies some of the reasons for my not posting more often. Also I'm lazy which may be what I'm saying anyway.

Boston Cream Pie for breakfast?! Uh huh!!

What will they think of next?!